challenge accepted.

I feel like I’m all too often finding myself holding myself back.
I try too hard to be the person people want me to be, instead of who I really am. I try to be this person who can make everyone happy, and never step on toes. And honestly, trying to be that person, in the end, has basically made me miserable.
It’s still the beginning of the year, (and like everyone else,) I think it’s time to make some changes.
Not just for myself but for everything.
For my life, my career, my peers, my family, for you, for the world, for my soul.
I find myself many a day, holding back tears because I’m a doormat. You know where that’s going to get me? Many a day holding back tears. Not that crying is a bad thing, but I want to live more of my life experiencing wonderful things instead of crying.
I know I honestly have more in me than what I’m giving to the world.
I think it’s about time that I stop worrying that I cannot live up to the expectations that others have set for me, and be honored that they have such expectations of me, and try my┬ádamnedest┬áto exceed them with great ease. Not only for myself, but for all of the people who have so much faith in me.
I’ve already come so far in this journey that we all refer to as life, so why am I stopping myself short now?
I have so much to learn from and experience in this world, and from this point on I’m going to stop letting the negative in my life dictate the positives in my life.

So to all of that, I say challenge accepted.